We are happy to announce we have launched the Crowdfunding campaign a few minutes ago!


As promised you are the first to be informed.

To say  THANK YOU for being with us for so long, we created a secret LOYALTY PERK just for you, so that you can get the drone at the lowest possible price. It is only visible via this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2465306/x/20266304?secret_perk_token=868d2942

If you cannot support us financially, please help by sharing the campaign via social media. By doing that you also have a chance to get a FREE Drone


Thank You!











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  • Sebastian Weaver

    So you guys said i can actually buy the drone on indiegogo. But when i go on there, it says its not guaranteed that i will get the perk.

    • Xerall


      We can guarantee from our side that you will receive the drone. Indiegogo is crowdfunding platform so there is a risk that creator will fail do deliver etc. But we have already started the mass production and shipment 🙂

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