We are happy to announce we have launched the Crowdfunding campaign a few minutes ago!

As promised you are the first to be informed.

To say  THANK YOU for being with us for so long, we created a secret LOYALTY PERK just for you, so that you can get the drone at the lowest possible price. It is only visible via this link:

If you cannot support us financially, please help by sharing the campaign via social media. By doing that you also have a chance to get a FREE Drone

Thank You!

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  1. From the other comments, it seems you can ship the USA and I was wondering where do I put in my order on my billing address there was no USA option.

    • Hi, Matthew,

      Thank you for letting us know. We are happy to let you know, that issue was resolved and now it is possible now to place the order from US. Please be aware of longer delivery time (up to 14 days) as we do not have stock in US yet.

  2. What is price or place to buy in usa.

    • Hi, It is 129 USD. We can ship the drone directly from warehouse in Shenzhen so the shipping cost will be 19 USD

  3. So you guys said i can actually buy the drone on indiegogo. But when i go on there, it says its not guaranteed that i will get the perk.

    • Sebastian,

      We can guarantee from our side that you will receive the drone. Indiegogo is crowdfunding platform so there is a risk that creator will fail do deliver etc. But we have already started the mass production and shipment 🙂

      • Can I buy one I’m in usa 814 341 2326.thank you .

        • Yes you can, we can ship from Shenzhen the delivery time would be up to 12 days

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