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Meet the X-TANKCOPTER,  hybrid drone, a combination of the Tank and Quadcopter. The tracked version of the drone seen in Expendables 3 movie by Sylvester Stallone. Small but powerful RC Drone, achieves outstanding performance in driving across difficult terrain when it meets the obstacle too big to drive over, it can simply take-off and fly.


2.4 GHz Remote Controller

The controller operates just like in any other drone, offering yaw, pitch, roll, altitude control, etc. With a flick of the button, quadcopter turns into a tank, controlling the vehicle on the ground is very simple. Each track is controlled by a separate stick (hand) in order to provide a full experience of operating a tank. To experience real-time image transmission or take picture and record video via the APP in your smartphone.

Xerall Smartphone App

Compatible with IOS and Android. The smartphone app allows to take full control of the drone, take video, photos, fly drive. The app is packed with features like Custom Flight/Drive Route Click on the icon to turn on. Draw a flight/drive line on the appointed area of the mobile phone screen. The drone will follow according to the line.


Virtual Reality Mode

Click on the VR icon to turn on mobile phone split-screen mode. Wear the
VR Glasses to experience real-time transmission HD video transmission. Anti-BlueLight lenses will protect your eyes with the invariant colour, blue ray & radiation resistance, lighting reduction. While providing super sharp picture projection.

Smartphone Control

One Button Take off and Landing

Headless Mode

Live HD video transmission (FPV)

VR Experience

Altitude Hold Mode

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