UPDATE 05/13/2018



Another production progress update here.

I am happy to say, that we are moving really fast in the recent weeks 🙂

We got out of the way:

1. The final colour scheme for the TankCopter.

The drone will look like this :

2. The packaging inserts.

Those will be made out of polystyrene instead of plastic. Reasons behind our choice :
– Plastic inserts don’t look very aesthetic, as they tend to deform, bend.
– Polystyrene inserts provide better protection for the drone.

3. Tested the idea that prevents arms damage (the snap-lock mechanism + arm on the hinge).


4. The app got a new look.

5. The “Instruction Manual” for the smartphone app is also finished.

You can download it here: https://xerall.com/downloads/

6. We decided on the smaller radio transmitter.

Reasons behind our choice:

– The most important one; it smaller, lighter, therefore uses less plastic, which lowers impact on the environment. Also, because the size and weight, the shipping cost and carbon footprint are also reduced.

– Those buttons under the index fingers are really convenient. In had it feels similar to Sony PlayStation joystick.

Things ahead of us :

1. Packaging Graphics.
2. Instruction Manual ( for the drone and the radio transmitter).
3. Short Kickstarter campaign in order to get to at least lowest MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity).

Please, do worry about the time involved in the campaign, your model will be shipped as soon as it is ready ( before the campaign finishes).


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  1. I am ByoungHo Ra, CEO of LogicEyeTech.

    I want to put an intelligent controller on your product
    The mounted controller is equipped with a program for performing border security.
    I want to know the maximum weight that can be mounted on your product.

    I would like to know how your product controller and intelligent control period interwork.
    Is it possible to link with Mav-Link method?
    Waiting for your response. Thank You

    • The X-TankCopter is a small drone, so there is no much of use to implement such a technology. The brushless bigger version, the CarCopter is more suitable. We already have begun the R&D process so it is the right time to consider such as system. Please contact me at [email protected]

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