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    X-TANKCOPTER World pierwszy hybrydowy tank-quadcopter drone

    3 opinie dla X-TANKCOPTER

    1. Marco Blanke (zweryfikowany)

      the drone is cool and a little bit difficult to fly but it is funny, i have follow you at the tankcopter development after the start from the campaign. the video resulution is very good for the drone camera. the fly and adjustable zero point via smartphone is cool or the fast calibrate with the remote control 😉 the fly and drive properties are good and made a lot of fun to do girlfriend find the drone also good and i fell me as a jung boy. i find it is also good to learn the practice flying and control a drone. the sesign is very cool and the led light give it a little bit help for the controll, front and back. i am happy that i have a drone from a good project with so many good ideas inside, thats great

    2. lukaszwojakowski1990 (zweryfikowany)

      Cool innovative drone easy to fly and drive. Great camera quality for the price, lot of fun. I only used it in indoor so far..

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