We are happy to announce we have launched the Crowdfunding campaign a few minutes ago!   As promised you are the first to be informed. To say  THANK YOU for being with us for so long, we created a secret LOYALTY PERK just for you, so that you can get the drone at the […]

UPDATE 23/01/2019

Hello Our apologies for a long time since the last update. What happened during this time: 1. We managed to meet with Prime Minister of Poland and Casey Neistat First X-TANKCOPTER went to Casey. We were lucky to be part of this event and we are glad that Casey took time to sign few posters for us. […]

UPDATE 04/09/2018

Hello Another X- TANKCOPTER update here. In the beginning, we would like to share a new video of the TankCopter, and kindly ask you to help us out a little bit. We would be extremely glad if you could share the website ( or the video with your friends or family. This would definitely help […]

UPDATE 02/08/2018

Hello Another TankCopter update here. Below are the videos from first field testing. Please have in mind it was filmed with smartphones so the quality is poor, this week we will work with a cinematic camera, therefore you will soon see the full review of the drone in nicer quality. The second video is the […]


UPDATE 19/06/2018

Dear all   We are happy to share a good news with you. Production samples are on the way to us. Below are few pictures of the packaging. It will take about 5 days to get the models. Once they are received, we will inspect them, in order to finally confirm performance, quality. We will […]

UPDATE 05/13/2018

Hello   Another production progress update here. I am happy to say, that we are moving really fast in the recent weeks 🙂 We got out of the way: 1. The final colour scheme for the TankCopter. The drone will look like this : 2. The packaging inserts. Those will be made out of polystyrene […]

Update 22/04/2018

Hello Another update from the factory, here. Below pictures of the first injection moulded model. Due to the fact the injection moulded plastic is lighter, stiffer from the one we used in 3D printing, the final model performance is significantly improved. Stiffer propellers produce more thrust. The reduced weight of all plastic components additionally increases […]

Update 27/03/2018

Hi all This is only a short update, hopefully, the last one before the shipment. Last week we received the first batch of injected moulded parts. Those took the most time in tooling process, therefore we are happy to see them. Factory ensured us, that everything is going smoothly and according to their time plan, […]


I would like to share with you an awesome news regarding the R&D of CarCopter drone This is quite big and important update. Once I got back to designing the second version of CarCopter, I had questions rising in my head. is is the first attempt to make such a drone, so I had no […]

Update 15/02/2018

Dear all In the beginning, I would like to apologise for a long time since the last update. I would like to kindly announce that we have started the production phase on 10.01.2018. It was the day we have finally confirmed the drawing together with the factory and began the tooling phase, it took a […]

CarCopter Concept 1

Update 27/11/2017

DEAR TANKCOPTER FANS Firstly, my apologies for a long time since the last update. The reason was simple when there is money involved there is a problem ?. We spend over 4 weeks just negotiating the tooling agreement with the factory, the whole process took much longer than initially estimated. We had to make corrections […]

Update 27/09/2017

DEAR TANKCOPTER FANS We are pleased to inform you about a new feature, that has been applied to the X-TankCopter. Now, it is possible to remove all the arms ( together with tracks, motors, wheels ) and convert the hybrid into very agile long endurance quadcopter. By removing the arms, model becomes much lighter ( […]

Update 31/08/2017

DEAR TANKCOPTER DRONE FANS   Apologies for the silence since the last update. After the last prototype testing: we had to modify the design of the back arms, change the gear ratio and apply few modifications to the internal structure. Now drone performs as it should, therefore the R&D stage is over and now we […]

Update 13/07/2017

Dear TankCopter lovers   According to the last update, we have modified the design ( propeller’s motors inside the arms). Prototype was build and tested. We have ran comparative testing. Model worked very fine for 20 flights, after that we have found only one issue. The crown (face gears) have worn off, only some of […]

Update 18/05/2017

DEAR TANKCOPTER FANS   At the beginning of the update, we would like to inform you about the shipping delay. Which is now expected in mid July 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the delay is for good reasons:  we would like to implement last design update, that makes great improvement to the model. Hopefully […]

Update 27/03/2017

Dear TankCopter fans   We have prepared short update, to let you know the progress and timescale of the project. We constantly working on the design of the drone, since last version we have made following upgrades: Back arm, was re-designed, in order to improve aesthetics, protect gears against dirt, as well as to reduce […]

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