Xerall a company specializing in innovative all-terrain drones. Our goal is to bring new technology to the field of drones and automotive transportation with an emphasis on the way they move. We hope to create the drone/vehicle that can operate in any environment, water, ground and the air. Our first model B-Flying Car, which was successfully launched on the Kickstarter platform. The project extended its goal and reached 122 000 GBP. The second campaign on the Indiegogo platform rose 46 00 USD Since we continue developing, even more, exciting drones and hope to scale our invention to the size of the manned vehicle.

Our invention is protected by the granted international patent. That covers 80% of global markets.


In our short history, we had an amazing opportunity to feature our innovative drone in Sylvester Stallone’s movie The Expendables 3. Please check out the movie to see how our drone performed.

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