Update 22/04/2018


Another update from the factory, here.

Below pictures of the first injection moulded model. Due to the fact the injection moulded plastic is lighter, stiffer from the one we used in 3D printing, the final model performance is significantly improved. Stiffer propellers produce more thrust. The reduced weight of all plastic components additionally increases the thrust to weight ratio.

Ahead of us is choosing the final paint style for the TankCopter and packaging design. Factory ensured us, they will be ready us ship a small batch of final product around the end of May.



Video footage sent to us ( sorry for the bad quality). The TankCopter despite the fact it has to carry the caterpillar tracks, has good climbing ratio and is agile as any other quadcopter.


We were asked to confirm on the controller, so we decided to also ask for your opinion too.

Please let us know in the comments which controller you like more.

1.Recently proposed  Radio Controller

The controller is smaller in size, it has hidden antennas, also convenient to use mode buttons under the index finger.



2. The current Controller

This one is bigger in size, therefore feels better in hand, but it has external antennas and buttons accessible via thumb ( which may be inconvenient as thumbs should stay on sticks).

Range and functionality stay the same for both.


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  1. Good point – too easy to trigger RTH if the button is under your index finger.

  2. I think the big remote is netter because netter feel in Hand is more Importanz triggering Rth accedently with the Index fingers

  3. I prefer the size of the larger TX, but the button layout of the smaller version.
    Overall I think the smaller TX gets my vote

  4. I would vote for the larger controller. Taking the thumbs off the sticks to land, or to trigger RTH is not a big deal at all, in fact that’s how DJI’s controllers work if I recall correctly.
    The larger controller will allow better feel in the hand, which is important in my opinion.
    The flight shown in the video is very stable – nice job!
    Can’t wait to get mine!

    • Nesher

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Yes, the drone is very stable and it has way better climbing rate than the 3 D printed one.

  5. I like both of the controllers, but the larger one sounds better due to size and thumb grips.

  6. Hi,

    I think the smaller one would be the better option.

    I still don’t like the 3-blade props (even if the performance is better) and the wifi FPV instead of the real one with 5,8 GHz. And finally the price of 200 USD (how much EUR, incl./excl. taxes?) seems to be too high for such a small model.

    But that’s my very personal opinion, because overall I like the idea very much, as I like the car copter concept. What is about spare parts?

    Kind regards, T.

    • T.

      Thank you for taking your time and sharing your opinion with us. Regarding the price, it is driven by the factor of the order quantity, the bigger the order, the better price factory offers us, at the moment we at very low volume. But as it was mentioned before, the price will be significantly reduced ( for all backers), or you will be able to exchange this value + extra, for the purchase of the CarCopter. We will get final confirmation from the factory within 2 weeks. In terms of Radio Controller, those are good points that will be considered. The propellers will have to stay 3 bladed, as we are very limited with the funds, but 2- bladed propellers will be taken to account for the later upgrade to the model. We also think about making the TankCopter swim, therefore we also consider buoys as the upgrade too.

  7. I like the first one better because of the hidden antenna and the button controls not being controlled with the thumbs. I agree that having to use your thumbs would take them off of the control sticks.

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