UPDATE 23/01/2019


Our apologies for a long time since the last update.

here is what happened since the last update:

1. We managed to meet with Prime Minister of Poland and Casey Neistat!


Very first X-TANKCOPTER went to Casey.

We were lucky to be part of this event and we are glad that Casey took time to sign few posters for us. Those will be available during the campaign, but we have only a few of them, so if any of you is a fan and wants to get one, you have to be quick.

2. Unfortunately we had a massive delay with finishing the campaign video (it took us two months), but finally, this part is done.

3. We finished all the graphics and text related to the crowdfunding campaign pitch. So now we are applying the last changes and working on the strategy.

4. New arms were designed and tested. The biggest advantage of them is the fact they increase the drone clearance by 137%, at the same belt size. In accordance with that, we designed new wheels for more demanding terrain.

The change did not involve adding too much of the extra weight, only 1.5 g, so the flight endurance, agility etc. are staying as they were, but off-terrain performance has increased significantly especially in outdoor use.

5. We negotiated better prices with factory (at cost of higher volume order) so we can make the drone even cheaper. In addition to that we will have a special price for the early backers on IndieGoGo, so do not miss out on that promotion as the price difference will be significant.

What will happen next?

1. Refunds will be issued to all of you by the end of the next week. We kindly ask you to support us on the Indiegogo campaign.

2. The crowdfunding campaign will go live next Friday.

3. We already managed to arrange the deposit for the first order to the factory, so the production will start soon, we only need to confirm the situation with the new arms to see if there is still a chance to implement them into the current model ( otherwise they will be shipped separately). It is a technically difficult task and may be costly as the tooling is already made.  In any scenario, we will start the shipment of the models immediately after the campaign ends.

We would like to kindly ask you for help. If you could please share our YT video among your friends, family, over social media, hopefully, this way we could gain more attention, as the project depends on the success of this campaign.

Thank you in advance!

I know many of you are fed up with the time it takes to make this drone reality, but the delays are caused on the way as we move. The biggest reason is the changes to the design, as we constantly trying to implement new improvements. But we are a very small company, so we have only one chance to make a good impression. That is why we put so much energy into making sure you will get the best product it can be, at the current price tag.

Please be with us 🙂

We promise to publish updates more often now. If you feel it is the time for another update. Please email me at [email protected]

Kind regards