UPDATE 04/09/2018


Another X- TANKCOPTER update here.

In the beginning, we would like to share a new video of the TankCopter, and kindly ask you to help us out a little bit. We would be extremely glad if you could share the website (https://xerall.com) or the video with your friends or family. This would definitely help us to get more exposure and get more interest in the project. For the ”early bird” backers, we will have the special offer 33% discount (for the whole set: Drone, VR, TX,)

Regarding the shipment status, we are still at the progress of preparing the campaign, building a mailing list. Probably we will launch the campaign around October and begin the shipment straight after.

Before the campaign launch, we will refund your orders and ask you to join us and re-purchase the model via Kickstarter. This will help us to build ”campaign momentum” and you will be the first to know about ”early bird” offer. We will make sure it is the most valuable pledge.

Thank you for being with us for so long, all the support received. Hopefully, we are not far from launching the X-TANKCOPTER in the market. Once this happens we will bring you more advanced drone the X-CARCOPTER
Maybe one day a Flying Car in a scale 1:1 capable of carrying a human https://xerall.com/category/flying-car-scale-11/


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    • Hi

      There is no place to buy the model right now. We are preparing it for the crowdfunding campaign, so please subscribe to our Newsletter on the front page and this way we will inform you about the product availability.

  1. Still no sign of my TankCopter after more than 18 months, nor an update in over 3 months. WTF is going on?

    • We can ship from two locations, either China or Europe, but I am sure we can deliver one to Chikmagalur.

  2. I think I have been incredibly patient. Where is the next update? Where is the refund from the original backing? This has taken so long it is far from any leading technology. It is barely out of the ordinary at this point.

  3. When or we going to get our refund?
    your say you had success on Kickstarter and their is over 500 happy people,
    that is a downright lie. It was not successful

  4. The kickstarter starts at 5pm CST today and you’ve yet to refund the pre-order money

  5. There is no option to buy your products and deliver them to the other countries.

    • Hi Timur

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I am happy to have a chat with you, please add me in Skype: vitecu

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